Rhodiola antidepressant...does it work?

Results of a Rhodiola antidepressant pilot study in the

Journal of Alternative Medicine March 2008, 14(2): 175-180, performed on 10 participants, recruited from the UCLA Anxiety Disorder Program in California, showed that “significant improvement in GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) was found with R. Rosea.”

Although it was a very small study, it is, nevertheless, encouraging considering the source: Department of Psychiatry, University of California. This particular herb has been a large part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

Adaptogens are accepted in mainstream medicine practice throughout Asia.

Another Study on Rhodiola

A study performed at the Department of Psychology, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, gave a positive review of Rhodiola in the treatment of stress and fatigue.

It was published in the Planta Media Journal (75(2): 105-112)

Sixty people were tested,and placed into two groups randomly. One group received the rhodiola and the other (you guessed it) a placebo.

It concluded that the Rhodiola group increased mental performance and reduced stress.

Those suffering from fatique syndrome could be help by this herb, it said.

Of note, also, was that no serious Rhodiola side effects were noticed according to this study.

Does it work for me?

Can I state, specifically, that this herb is helping me? I can’t say for sure.

However, in view of the published data, I am convinced that

adaptogens support my general approach which is the exploitation of as many natural herbs, minerals, vitamins as possible.

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It’s the Body-Mind Connection; let’s cleanse the body to clear the mind. I believe in nutritional cleansing to eliminate the food and environmental toxins that accumulate in our bodies.

It just makes sense to strengthen the body first as it’s easier to do and a lot more accessible. And then the mind just naturally follows.


Is depression the result of recurrent panic and anxiety attacks, or does it happen the other way round? Does the threat of getting another panic attack produce depression and irrational fear in some people?

Either way, there is hope for those who wish to cope with panic attack depression - without taking medication.

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Depression help without Drugs or Psychotherapy?

Yes, some alternative treatments available that are worth investigating.

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