Are you Too Skinny?...These tips will help

You are wondering whether you are too skinny. You are asking yourself, “Am I underweight?” Consider that it might be just all in your imagination.

The big question: What’s an ideal weight - for You?

It is common knowledge that many people have a distorted perception of the definition of a healthy body weight.

Your BMI (Body-Mass Indicator) reading is a good place to get a sense of what your own weight should be. Height is divided by your weight to produce a ratio called the BMI. (There are many online calculators available).

If you are under the acceptable limits, it is possible that you may be underweight.

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However, it is generally accepted that there is a range of healthy body weights and not just one ideal weight. You may not be too skinny after all.

Appearances count as well. If your ribs are sticking out and your clothes are always loose, then you might consider yourself underweight. Also, do your friends remark that you are “too skinny?”

Underweight health risks

The best place to start is with your doctor to be assured that there isn’t anything seriously wrong with you. He will check out your BMI and other indicators such as waistline measurement.

According to the Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource (May, 2005), “Being underweight poses health problems.”

There are definitely underweight problems.

The article lists:

Infections, osteoporosis, body-temperature regulation and decreased muscle strength as some of the side effects of being underweight.

Your body type

I possess my family’s thin gene. Yes, I am fortunate in many ways for having this body type. I can identify with people who struggle to gain weight more than those who struggle to lose weight.

I believe most people instinctively know when their weight has moved above or below the weight range of their body type.

If I don’t exercise regularly I start to lose weight. It’s not a lot of weight but when it starts to occur I have to endure remarks from family and friends saying that I look “gaunt” and “too skinny.” This weight loss usually occurs during times of stress and anxiety, and particularly when I don’t exercise.

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Depression and weight loss

The Mayo Clinic article also stated that “depression and anxiety can cause weight loss.”

This is true as I have experienced it myself. Depression may affect your desire to eat properly and regularly. Disinterest in exercise can accelerate a loss of muscle mass.

A five pound loss for a person who has a slim build and is underweight can have a major effect on their mental outlook.

Consider a Nutritional Detox and Cleansing to gain some weight

The natural creative intelligence of our bodies is constantly trying to maintain our natural body weight. Stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, the food we eat, and particularly toxins, can disrupt this process.

Some of us end up being too skinny as a result.

If our liver and other organs of elimination are not performing optimally, the nutrients we take in will not be processed correctly.

Underweight people may experience weight loss as a result of this lack of absorption by the liver.

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People who are vulnerable to weight gain will store the toxins in their body fat. Toxins, when flushed out with nutritional cleansing, will allow the fat to melt away as a side effect.

With underweight people,the decrease of toxins due to nutritional cleansing will stimulate and rejuvenate liver function. Optimal absorption of all the essential proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals will improve.

Gradual weight gain can be the result.

Add whey powder to your food and feel the difference.

Whey? Why Whey?

Whey, a derivative of cows’ milk, contains all of the essential amino acids that the body needs to build lean muscle.
This super concentrated protein will help those who are underweight by creating bulk. In powder form, it is usually digested without problems.

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(Look for an organic, pharmaceutical grade that is antibiotic-, steroid- and hormone-free.

Exercise and a balanced diet

Now that you are experiencing more energy, the emphasis should be on building up lean muscle mass.

Start with very light exercises and weights, increasing both gradually.

This is how your new bulk will be created and maintained. You will gradually stop feeling too skinny. And once you start to get that positive muscular feedback, you will be encouraged to continue.

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Avoiding nutritionally depleted foods will help enormously with the cleansing program. I don’t believe in an underweight diet as such.

Remember, it’s not unhealthy to be thinner than most people. If you are going to be thin, the really important thing is to be, to look and to feel, healthy.

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